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bEpic Product Elev8 product review

 Something totally new, unexpected, and incredibly exciting new has come to our attention, and we wanted to share it with you all,    While  we have been using some good vitamins, supplements, and even “patches” from a few different companies over the last

years, there has been something missing. Since ephedra and DMAA have been taken off the market, we have been searching for that one natural alternative that would give us

that “instant”, long lasting energy, mood elevation, and feeling of overall wellness we enjoyed with products containing those ingredients. We have tried just about everything out there,
and there was nothing that even came close. Until NOW.We have started using a product called Elev8, from a brand new company called “B EPIC”, and let’s just say, it is absolutely

incredible. If you are looking for long lasting energy, mood elevation, mental clarity, and an overall sense of “feeling great” this is the product we recommend. In fact, if you have been
using other products that you had hoped would make a difference in your life, but have not, we strongly urge you to try Elev8 instead. Simply go to our B EPIC website at  to learn more about Elev8, and order yours right away. When you order, the website will ask
you to set up an account, and you will be given an option to “continue as a distributor”.. Don’t let that confuse you. B Epic Distributor and customer accounts are the same at this point, and
although having a distributor account allows you promote the company and product to other people (and earn commissions) there is certainly no obligation to do so. Many people are setting up an
account just to get products for themselves, and that’s fine.  When you set up your account, you will be given your very own B EPIC website, so If you really enjoy the Elev8 product,
and you do want to earn commissions, you would simply send people to your own website link. We also now have a brand new private B EPIC team group on Facebook where we will be sharing tips,
answering questions, providing support, and having lots of fun with our new B EPIC team members. Once you set up your B EPIC account, just reply to this email if you would like to be added to
that group.

 It’s time to “B EPIC”.. We hope to hear from you soon!  Richard

bEpic’s product Elev8 is a super one-a-day capsule made from all-natural ingredients to help you perform better and to provide you with long-term health benefits. It’s an
advanced energy and recovery formula that combines modern extract technology with ancient medicinal secrets to support your ability to perform at a very higher level.

Elev8 is also Kosher and Halal certified.

of Elev8:

1. May improve Mood, Focus & Concentration*
2. Provides 50% of daily Fruits and Vegetables*
3. Has a powerful Adaptogenic formula* (Google benefits of Adaptogens)

Elev8 comes with a 30-Day, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

What is in Elev8?

Adaptogen Special Blend:

ELEV8 contains a powerful adaptogenic formula that brings together ancient Chinese, Tibetan and Russian medicines in such a way
that amplifies your body and mind. It also fortifies your immune system and your body’s own inherent ability to fight the harmful effects of stress and helps utilize oxygen better.

1. Rhodiola
 – A Siberian herb that helps balance the cortisol level in your body, raising or lowering it as needed. It has also shown the
ability to support cellular energy metabolism. It may affect brain function, depression, and heart health.* Benefits
of Rhodiola Rosea

2. Ganoderma (also
called Gano) – A “Wonder Herb” that rapidly oxygenates your body and helps adjust your pH to a good healthy balance at the cell level.* Benefits
of Ganoderma

3. Bacopa
 – Used in Ayurvedic medicine that may enhance cognitive function. Studies have shown that it has antioxidant properties and
it may protects mental function.* Benefits
of Bacopa Monnieri

4. Cordyceps 
Found only on the high Himalayan Plateau, Cordyceps is a rare and exotic medicinal mushroom. It has been used for 2 Thousand years to fight fatigue and sustain energy in very high altitude
places.* Benefits
of Cordyceps

5. Chaga 
The Siberian Chaga is one of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms. It contains over 215 phytonutrients and glyconutrients. Chaga may boost your immune system when needed and slow it down your
immune system becomes overactive.* Benefits
of Chaga

Focus & Clarity Blend:

Do you need your cup of coffee in the morning before you can get anything done? Once you start your Elev8 capsule, you can say goodbye to that cup of coffee and avoid the jitters, and the crash
from the sugar. Elev8 will increase your energy levels, fight fatigue, improve focus and give you clarity… Much better than your coffee can. Not to mention all the acid you’re
putting in your body from the coffee that messes up your pH balance. Elev8 gives you natural calm energy that you will love and get rid of the Brain Fog.*

Natural caffeine
 – Extracted from green coffee bean. It has less caffeine but more chlorogenic acid.

 – This herb has shown to improve memory, alertness and mood*

Yerba Mate
 – Known for its ability to provide a gentle, clean and calm energy boost.*

 – An Amino Acid that synergistically works with caffeine to keep you more relaxed.*

 – Help with metabolism and energy production.*

Food Blend:

Elev8 also contains a Whole Food Concentrate Blend with real fruits and vegetables like apple, grape, beet, spinach, pomegranate, broccoli, strawberry, shitake mushroom, carrot, cranberry,
orange, and tomato to provide better balance for your body.

Easy-To-Ship Smart Packaging:

Elev8 is packaged in an easy-to-carry “blister pack”. bEpic has created packaging for Elev8 that is easy to ship all over the world and can be given as samples very conveniently.

Produced with the Highest Standards:

bEpic’s ELEV8 is produced in an FDA registered and inspected facility in the United States (Utah) and it is certified Kosher and Halal.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition.
Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical